Friday, December 19, 2003

You Heard It Here Second

From The New Republic &c:

THE NEXT SHOE TO DROP: The word from Iowa is that Senator Tom Harkin’s long-rumored endorsement of Howard Dean is a done deal. Among party regulars, Harkin is the most beloved Democrat in the state, and his endorsement is considered the biggest prize. Harkin seems to know it, too. In Walter Shapiro’s excellent new book, One Car Caravan, the senator tells the author, “I’m now the 900-pound gorilla. I have the best organization. I have the best list. I love Tom Vilsack, but he’s never done the nuts and bolts of politics.”

As for Governor Vilsack, we hear he has decided not to endorse any of the candidates. Dean got a bump in Iowa after the Gore endorsement. Expect another one after Harkin gives his blessing.

One more indicator that Gov. Dean is finding his way into the “mainstream,” whatever that is.