Friday, December 12, 2003

You Tell ‘Em, Jeff!

Jeff over at Speedkill (fellow TLC member) nails some ignorant homophobes, including a certain Rowena Duncan, who have been writing letters to the editor in Bozeman, Montana:

No one is asking Ms. Duncan to become a homosexual. No one is asking her church to allow homosexuals to be married in it. No one is asking Ms. Duncan to allow a homosexual in her house. No one is even asking that she talk to one. Ms. Duncan should hold true to the goals of the founding fathers, who promoted freedom for all, and stop trying to impose her religious beliefs on others. It’s sickeningly un-American.

My only question is what is Ms. Duncan, who knows so much about theology and constitutional law, doing out in Montana? Why isn’t she running the country? Oh wait…never mind.