Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I have a little time before heading out to the office, so let’s see what some of my friends are writing about:

  • The farmer at Corrente alerts us to Frontiers of Freedom and their quest – so far unfulfilled – for a proofreader.

  • The American Street, a fellow “polyblog,” has some new entries which are deserving of your attention. But also click on the Link tab at the top and read carefully.

  • Bush is planning to announce his space plans today (okay, stop that giggling). archy has a take on that.

  • The Biomes Blog does a little campaigning in his socks and makes an endorsement.

  • Cincydemo on the link between food and the IMF.

  • Kop’s Blog reports that Halliburton is bidding for an off-shore contract. And I mean really off-shore.

  • Pen-Elayne always has something funny to read, which is why I check her site every day – in spite of the fact that I’m not on her blog roll yet 🙂 Here’s her take on the latest millinery fashion statements. Can trained-cat hats be far behind?
  • Sorry about the short list, but my ride’s almost here. (I get the Mustang back today, though!)