Thursday, January 15, 2004

Braun Out

Not a real surprise:

Carol Moseley Braun plans to end her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and endorse Howard Dean on Thursday, giving him an important symbolic boost just four days before Iowa’s leadoff caucuses, the Dean campaign said Wednesday.

Ms. Braun, a former senator from Illinois, failed to garner much money or support in polls and had only raised about half a million dollars to date. But she did distinguished herself with eloquent performances in several nationally televised debates.

I don’t think anyone seriously expected her to get very far in the race, but she showed a lot of class in all the times I saw her on television, and I hope she has a future in the next administration. Her endorsement of Dean was telegraphed during last week’s debate when she came to the defense of the former governor when the Rev. Al Sharpton grilled him for not having a minority in his cabinet during his terms in the Vermont statehouse. Now if only her fellow single-digit candidates would follow suit (hint, hint, Joe) and stop feeding B-roll material to Karl Rove.