Tuesday, January 6, 2004

But Can He Pass The FCAT?

Sorry, but I couldn’t pass up this story from the Sun-Sentinel.

For this performing dog, there’s nothing ruff about math

Plantation · It’s an impressive 7-year-old who has a grasp of square roots, but even more impressive is the 7-year-old with a grasp of square roots and a healthy coat of fur.

In recent years, Benji Hogan has made his mathematical talents a mere sideshow as the terrier mix traveled the country as the partner of golf trick-shot artist Dennis Walters, 53, of Plantation. But after walking solo into a new spotlight on the national cable television program Pet Star, Hogan emerged with a third-place medal to join the bandana around his neck.

The dog, named out of his resemblance to the canine movie star and Walter’s own appreciation for golf legend Ben Hogan, earned his bronze by barking out the answers to basic math questions.

For those of you outside of Florida, the FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test which every student must pass before graduation. See, it’s a joke – a dog taking the FCAT…oh, never mind.