Thursday, January 8, 2004

Don’t Worry, David, We Knew All Along

Via Atrios via one of his readers, comes an explanation from David Brooks for his column on Tuesday. In a note to the Public Editor at the Times, Brooks wrote,

For what its worth, that neo being short for Jewish was meant as a joke. Nothing more. Most of the people who get labeled as Neocons are Jewish, so I was just sort of playing off that. As for me accusing anybody who accuses neocons of being anti-Semitic, there are a few issues here. First, I wasn’t saying anything about people who criticize neocons’ ideas. The column wasn’t about that at all. It was about people who imagine there is a shadowy conspiracy behind Bush policy. Second, I explicitly say that only a subset of the people who talk about the shadow conspiracy find Jewishness a handy explanation for everything. I have no idea how large a subset that is, but judging from my e-mail it is out there. So I was careful not to say that Bush or neocon critics are anti-Semitic. I was careful not to say that all conspiracy theorists are anti-Semitic. I am still on the learning curve here, and I do realize that mixture of a crack with a serious accusation was incredibly stupid on my part. Please do pass along to readers that I’m aware of how foolish I was to write the column in the way I did. – David Brooks [Emphasis added.]

I will give him props for owning up to his attempt at humor, but he should leave it to the pros…like us. That’s why we get the big bucks.