Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dream a Little Dream

William Safire gazes into his crystal ball and is predicting Democratic chaos, a brokered convention, and Hillary riding in on a white horse:

Here we are in Thumbsucker Central in Boston’s Fleet Center, overlooking the Democratic convention as the unthinkable — an unpredictable roll call of the states — is about to begin.

A brief recap for those of you who tuned out after the front-loaded Democratic primaries turned into a long, hard slog. After the New Hampshire results were in, John “Bring It On!” Kerry maintained his (professedly unwanted) front-runnership, but Howard “Yee-haw!” Dean recovered strongly from his Iowa waker-upper. John “Two Americas, Count ‘Em!” Edwards and Wesley “Call Me General” Clark were nicely positioned for their South Carolina comebacks, and those of us in the pundit dodge began to dream of this dramatic moment.


The chair has lost control of the floor and delegates are snaking through the aisles, shouting, “We Want Hillary!” All deals are off; we have the politicians’ nightmare and the pundits’ dream — an open convention!

To quote the immortal Bard: “Oh, what noble mind is here o’erthrown.”