Friday, January 9, 2004

Early Morning Blogaround

Catching up on the thoughts, musings, rants, and other good stuff – like I promised I would:

  • Natalie at All Facts and Opinions on the sad probable cause of death of Bobby Hatfield of The Righteous Brothers.

  • archy on the love/hate relationship between libertarians and Democrats.

  • I’m glad to add Flummery to the blogroll, and he warns us about another endangered species.

  • Green Voicemail lifts an enlightening story from The British Politics Blog about why Dean would be a preferable debate opponent to President Bush.

  • Norbizness at HFPST rounds up the right-wing punditry and figuratively shoots the fish in the barrel.

  • Whenever I get stressed at work, I stop in and visit Indigo Ocean. I love her pictures, and she really lives up to the billing of Healing Words.

  • Kop’s Blog notes that the Republicans have no problem with censorship as long as it’s to anything they don’t like.

  • Left is Right is apparently back from his hiatus – yay! – and provides a link to a comprehensive guide to the Democratic candidates. Check it out, and welcome back, Mike!

  • StoutDemBlog enlightens us to the machinations of local politics in Dallas. Gee, it all sounds so familiar to me here in Miami…

  • Wanda at Words On A Page writes about the evolution of the Republican party from a small-government/limited spending entity into something gargantuan and threatening.

  • WTF Is It Now?? lives up to the name with this summary of news.

  • Steve at Yellow Doggerel Democrat says, “TO THE MOON, DUBYA!” Gotta agree with that idea.
  • Well, time to make the coffee. Happy Friday!