Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hey, Joe, Where You Goin’…?

Joe Trippi is out of the Dean campaign, replaced by Roy Neel, formerly of the Gore campaign, most of the $40 million raised so far is gone, and staff are being asked to accept a two-week delay on their paychecks. Other campaigns have withstood worse and come back to win, but these are not exactly hopeful signs.

Josh Benson in takes a look at the Dean campaign’s shake-up here.

Lambert at corrente takes a look at Dean’s campaign here, as does NTodd at Dohiyi Mir.

Personally I would hate to see the Dean campaign falter. His issues and stands are right, the energy and new people he’s brought to the Democratic party has been what they’ve needed since 1994, and he’s made all the other candidates and campaigns stop, look and listen. What’s even more important is that he has completely befuddled the mainstream press and punditry, and that’s got to count for something.