Saturday, January 17, 2004

Lightly Frothy Brooks

David Brooks grades the Democratic field and gets snarky with a gentle touch, which means he comes off sounding like a wuss.

Conservatives like me don’t get a vote in Democratic primaries, but we do have an interest. Even we frothing right-wingers know that the country needs a serious and responsible Democratic Party to counter the Republicans when they need countering, and beat them when they need beating.

Nice “fair and balanced” self-deprecating touch there. Then he goes into rating the candidates in Integrity/Leadership, Domestic Policy, and Foreign Policy. FYI, he gives Dean an F or a C in all categories. I wonder how he’d rate the current occupant of the Oval Office, but … well, let’s not go there. He concludes,

My Democratic friends complain, but this is a pretty strong field of candidates. I fear Dean’s temperament and Gephardt’s trade policy. But if any of the other guys were elected, the country would be fine, and we right-wingers would still find plenty to fume about. [Emphasis added, duh]

Boy, the wing-nuts are gonna vote him off the island for that one. I guess he’s just too…what’s the word…compassionate?