Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Musings From A Friend

A friend of mine from my days in Petoskey dropped me a note today.

Good Monday Morning…

Bin Laden is still alive…with his murderous Al Kaida [sic] still disrupting our lives (witness the travel mess over the holidays) and the stupidest president never elected president is nowhere to be found…except on vacation-already more than any other president in history (true fact).

The Democrats who said that we should concentrate on terrorists like Bin Laden and not the impotent Hussein were right. But the disgusting Republicans are trying desperately to make out anybody who is against them to be traitors. If that’s so, I’m a traitor.

Sleazy conservatives tried to convince the country the communists were everywhere back in the 50’s, with very similar words as the conservatives of the current administration; a parallel not lost on me. I’ve been reading Sperber’s Edward R. Murrow biography and the things said, the sleazy lies, innuendos and the like put forth by the right wing of the Republican Party (and NOT questioned by the more sane elements of the same party) during the McCarthy era are so eerily similar, it’s frightening.

Americans, by and large, never learn the lessons of history. It’s as if we have to re-write it every generation. Korea, Viet Nam, 9/11 and Iraq…what a legacy of stupidity. And maybe that’s why conservatives who have led this ridiculous education initiative based on some pie-in-the-sky testing scores never, ever make HISTORY a priority. Why would they? It would show glaring, stupid mistakes in their economic policies, domestic policies and disastrous foreign policies.

We are a seriously divided, polarized nation of uneducated boobs and good ol’ boys-destined to re-live our mistakes over and over again.

While flag waving veterans cheer Bush, he cuts virtually every veteran program. The same veterans booed and chastised the last president who helped them because he was a supposed draft dodger, just like half of the Republicans in Congress and the current President, who barely learned to fly and never left the country during the war. I haven’t quite figured out how, but conservatives and their ilk have some how grabbed the moral high ground, and they intend to keep it. Canada looks better and better every day, and that breaks my heart.


“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

John F. Kennedy, Inaugural address January 20, 1961

John – both of them – always did have a way with words. Thanks, buddy.