Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Scanning the Headlines

The NY Times:

  • Kerry Defeats Dean in New Hampshire – as if they were the only two in the primary.
  • Baghdad Car Bomb Kills at Least 3 – oh, yeah…the war.
  • 9/11 Commission Says It Needs More Time to Complete Inquiry – which means the final report might be ready right up close to the election in November. October Surprise, anyone?
  • Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraqi Arms – “President Bush declined Tuesday to repeat his claims that evidence that Saddam Hussein had illicit weapons would eventually be found in Iraq, but he insisted that the war was nonetheless justified because Mr. Hussein posed ‘a grave and gathering threat to America and the world.'” That’s small comfort to the families of over 500 U.S. soldiers, Mr. President. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?
  • This is just a quick glance at the front page, but it leaves no doubt where the paper stands on the Democratic primaries, 9/11, and Irraq. And taken together, none of it looks good for Bush & Rove.