Wednesday, January 21, 2004

SOTU Roundup

As noted, I didn’t watch it; the Law & Order rerun on TNT – a variation of the Klaus von Bulow case – was really good. But many of my fellow bloggers took the plunge. Here’s a roundup on some of the reactions:

  • Jeff at Speedkill has a moment by moment commentary.
  • It’s Craptastic looks at the possibility of amending the Constitution to prevent gay marriage. It’s something that’s bothered me, too.
  • Steve Gilliard wonders if Bush is crazy: to him the speech was a mixture of odd foreign policy followed by a tangent on steroids and gay marriage.
  • Charles2 at The Fulcrum makes it short and sweet: “Over promise. Under fund. Appeal to the base(r) desires. Let the shit hit the fan long after he’s gone.”
  • All Facts and Opinions says, “The White House squatter talked on and on about protecting families — steroids are bad! abstinence is the only way! — yet took the opportunity to slam gay families and to punish those American citizens because they don’t live by other people’s religious beliefs. He even threatened us with the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment (although since Bushie hasn’t the stones to say so directly, he merely alluded to “constitutional process”; he is a wimp just as his dad was reputed to be).”
  • Steve at The Yellow Doggerel Democrat checks out the Democratic response, such as it was. Myself, I would have probably gotten more out of hearing what New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had to say – he delivered his response in Spanish.
  • One of the scarier aspects was that Sen. Trent Lott and Rep. Chris Shays were kept in an “undisclosed location” in the event of a catastrophic attack on the Capitol during the speech – much like the custom of keeping one cabinet member away – so they could “re-start” the government. Holy Ned; if we had to re-start the government with Trent Lott, I’d rather be blown up.