Friday, January 30, 2004

This Week’s Blogaround

Time to take a look around and see what everybody is talking about:

  • Forsooth! Pen-Elayne notes that the Immortal Bard is showing up on various blogs. I’m not a Shakespearean scholar (although I did work two summers at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, including a production of Hamlet starring Val Kilmer), but I appreciate any site that can enlighten us and entertain us on his works.
  • Scott is settling into his new job – congratulations and good luck!
  • And Then… there’s Wal-Mart joining forces with Fox News to feed right-wing propaganda to the oppressed.
  • Rook’s Rant has a great cartoon commentary on one of my favorite topics – Republican hypocrisy.
  • Oh, to be in Kabul now that Spring is here…just pack some heat, according to Speedkill.
  • Jesse at Gotham City 13 has some advice for the Democratic candidates.
  • Trish Wilson has two interesting posts: this one is for those of you who think having to change a toner cartridge is a pain, and this one points out that yes, there are downsides to living in Florida. (Nice new template, Trish!)
  • Charles2 at The Fulcrum has always something good to read. Here’s one catching Diane Sawyer playing real live reporter.
  • Say it ain’t so, Joe. At least that’s what clonecone is saying over at It’s Craptastic!
  • Did the BBC cave to pressure to clear Tony Blair in the WMD/Kelly case? Alex at SoonerThought has the red white and blue story. He also shares a video with Rubber Hose. Check it out; it’s worth keeping.
  • Echidne of the Snakes reminds me of some of the nice things about winter. Nice memories…to be cherished from afar!
  • Any guesses as to what the “October Surprise” will be this election year? Kick the Leftist drops a hint.
  • Amy askes a very good question: “But seriously though, I do have a question, just exactly who gets to determine ‘electability’?”
  • Fellow novelist Keith checks the signs and pitches a good one right over the plate. (Can you tell I’m ready for baseball?)
  • Andante wonders if Cheney will be a liability to Bush in the election – as if he doesn’t have his own liabilities to worry about?
  • MercuryX23 shows how “freedom and democracy” are playing in Iraq.
  • Go check out new TLC member archy – good reading all the way through.
  • Wanda celebrates John Kerry’s victory and wonders how to break Dubya’s thrall on some people.
  • Steve at YDD muses on Gershwin and does his own blogroll, too.
  • If I missed you, I’ll get you next time. But remember, there are great writers at every blog on my roll. They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t.

    PS: Get well soon, Steve Gilliard and Stradiotto. And hurry back, Lilith…we miss you!