Saturday, January 31, 2004

Two Can Play That Game

CNN reports that Vice President Cheney is “has called key lawmakers to say the administration is open to a range of options” – including the establishment of an independent commission – for looking into the intelligence failures that lead the Administration to believe that Iraq had WMD’s and thereby justify the invasion.

Hmmm. Last I heard they were stonewalling the idea of an independent commission. Now they’re putting out feelers. Why the sudden shift?

Might it have something to do with the fact that there is no love lost between the Administration and the intelligence community? The CIA has been the Bush’s scapegoat for, among other things, the infamous sixteen words in last year’s State of the Union address. Now they’re being hung out to dry on these intelligence failures, and it looks like they’re going to take the rap for 9/11 – if that commission ever gets to publish its findings. Maybe the CIA is getting fed up with this, and knowing how the Administration played three-card monte with the bits and pieces of raw intelligence they had, they’re getting to the point where they might start hitting back with their own selective leaks.

No wonder Cheney wants to defuse this bomb – or at least make it look like he does – until after November.