Saturday, February 7, 2004

Babbling Brooks

One more in an ongoing series:

John Kerry has been railing against the special interests, and I don’t think that’s very nice because it implies that some people’s interests are not so special. I like to think that everybody’s interests are special in their own way.


While sitting on the commerce and finance committees, John Kerry has seen many interests, and you could forgive him if he didn’t think they were all special. But Kerry has raised more money from Washington lobbyists than any other senator. He’s raised over $30 million over the past nine years, and you just ask the folks in the telecom industry if he doesn’t make them feel special.

You just ask David Paul, one of the big figures in the savings and loan scandal, if Kerry didn’t make him feel special. You just ask the high-tech executive Bob Majumder how special Kerry made him feel, at least until Majumder was charged with 40 counts of conspiracy, witness tampering, fraud, tax evasion and illegal campaign contributions. You just ask the law firms, the brokerage houses, the oil companies, the H.M.O.’s and the drug companies, which have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Kerry.

Oh, he sometimes pretends that he doesn’t care about our special interests. He puts on that callous populist facade. But deep down he cares. Maybe he cares too much. When he’s out on the stump saying otherwise, he’s just being a big old phony.

Compared to the crowd running the show now, Kerry is a piker, David. He doesn’t even show up on the radar. In fact, you would have to put all of the Democratic candidates together and throw in most of the minority leadership of the House and Senate before you even get close to the special interests that owe a lot to (and expect a lot from) someone like, oh, I don’t know…Tom DeLay? Dick Cheney?