Monday, February 23, 2004

Children, Control Your Parents

From the Sun-Sentinel:

The signs on the box office window of the Tamarac Cinema 5 implored customers not to bang on the glass or make crude comments to employees about ticket prices.

The discount movie theater’s manager has described its patrons as the worst she’s ever dealt with, saying their filthy remarks leave employees in tears.

But the offending moviegoers aren’t the teenagers typically found milling outside theaters across the country. They are senior citizens from the retirement communities surrounding the theater on McNab Road. That volatile combination of retirees and unruly behavior recently thrust the theater into the middle of a nationally televised manslaughter case.

Now the movie theater’s owner and property manager find themselves locked in a lawsuit over whether they should be held responsible for, possibly, millions of dollars for retiree Irving Rosenberg’s death. Rosenberg, 74, lapsed into a coma shortly after Seymour Schuss, 69, hit him, causing him to collapse and slam his head on the ground. Authorities allege the 7-inch skull fracture Rosenberg suffered killed him 16 days later on Nov. 24, 2002.


Theater manager Barbara Sherwin said in a sworn statement that she had never witnessed a violent incident at the theater until Schuss attacked Rosenberg. But she said she has been taken aback by elderly patrons’ rude behavior.

“Some of my girls are quite large on top, and they walk in and say, `Can we pinch them?'” Sherwin said. “If my girls are heavyset — you know how the girls in the concession always go, `We have fresh popcorn, hot dogs.’ And if one of them happens to be heavyset, [they say], `Well, that’s why you look the way you do.’ And I mean, these are just remarks I have never had anywhere.”

Some people have no respect for their youngers.