Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday Cat Blogaround

I don’t have a cat, so the best I can offer is a look at some of the sites in our corner of the world that might have a cat or two:

  • Pen-Elayne hasn’t put up any cat pictures yet (maybe more later), but she does have some insights into the upcoming NY primary.
  • Nope, no cats over at Dohiyi Mir yet either…I guess it’s a little early in the day for some people, but he does have a sobering article on the disappearing dead in war.
  • Steve Gilliard is still on the mend, but Jen, who’s been sitting in for him, got a letter from The Progressive Majority urging all to say no to Ralph Nader’s run.
  • Well, this is close – corrente has a link to an article that profiles the mysteriously cool cat “Atrios,” keeper of Eschaton.
  • And Then… finds out that some of those sneaky gays might try to get a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Maybe they’ll disguise themselves as florists.
  • Trish Wilson has a rather harsh weather forecast.
  • Rook’s Rant makes a chess move. But no cats.
  • The Gotham City 13 has some new cartoons up. He says they’re Beta. I think they’re cool.
  • Iddybud tears Tom Friedman a new one.
  • Charles2 at The Fulcrum looks into a future of what the world would be like under another four years of Republicans in power. It’s scary.
  • Collective Sigh, suffering through yet another winter storm, brings a picture of surfing via jet ski in Australia.
  • Okay, it’s not a cat, but it’s close enough and cute as hell over at It’s Craptastic!
  • Echidne of the Snakes provides some food for thought.
  • Rick’s Cafe Americain goes to the movies.
  • Respectful of Otters has two interesting posts; this one on the recanting of the vaccination-autism study, and this piece on the Bush administration’s attack on intellectual freedom.
  • BlogAmy does her own blogaround (BBWW didn’t make it this week…that’s okay, I still love her!)
  • Upyernoz at Rubber Hose writes about defining terms such as “marriage” in response to a letter in the NY Times.
  • Fellow writer Keith has a short story at The Invisible Library.
  • Kick the Leftist wonders who will replace Terry McAuliffe at the DNC. Maybe the Big Dog himself?
  • edwardpig is encouraging all of us to write our congressdroids about the FMA, and he provides an excellent template to follow. Mine’s already in the works.
  • Mercury X23 is seeking submissions for his constitutional amendment contest.
  • Wanda launches herself at Alan Greenspan.
  • Steve at YDD also lets Mr. Fed have it. More caviar, monsieur?
  • I’ve also been reading a lot of Musing’s musings, Goldberg and Guthrie, Kop, GWBWYPGN?!, Life as a Spectator Sport, beastofsound, and just picked up Folkbum. All have good things to say, and I encourage your patronage at all of them.
  • But no cats yet. Maybe later…