Saturday, February 7, 2004

Junk Mail

From the NY Times: Conservatives Use Gay Union as Rallying Cry. They’re planning on sending out millions of e-mail and snail-mail appeals to raise money because of it. Well, fine. It’s a free country and they can waste their money anyway they want. But I have a strong feeling it will blow up in their face.

Demonizing gays works with the right wing. Forget the fact that it’s not what’s really wrong with the country – they know that distraction and fear is what brings in the cash.

My friend Brian notes,

I’d equate it more with [the first president] Bush’s flag burning constitutional amendment. In that the country’s problems aren’t caused by a handful of people burning the flag. And in this case, the country’s problems…foreign relations that virtually don’t exist outside of Tony Blair, the economy, etc….are in no way tied to gay marriage. It’s a “hot button” issue designed to distract. When you have nothing…when your policies have failed and all your campaign promises have evaporated…point to something more then half the people don’t like and say “THERE’S the problem!” It’s a variation on the old Roy Cohn quote, which I don’t remember exactly, but it went something like this: “First, I tell them to be afraid. Then I tell them what it is they should be afraid of.”

(I keep encouraging Brian to start his own blog; he’d be a big hit.)

Frankly, I’d like to see the Republicans run on demonizing gay marriage. It would be the same as running against the civil rights movement in 1964. That worked, didn’t it? Just ask Barry Goldwater…