Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Just Once…

From the NY Times:

With 97 percent of the vote counted in Virginia, Mr. Kerry had 51 percent to Mr. Edwards’s 27 percent. General Clark had 9 percent. In Tennessee, with 68 percent of the vote tallied, Mr. Kerry had 42 percent, and Mr. Edwards and General Clark were vying for second, with 26 percent for Mr. Edwards and 23 percent for General Clark. Howard Dean was in single digits in both states.


A two-state sweep by Mr. Kerry could compel General Clark and possibly Mr. Edwards, both of whom have heavily emphasized their Southern upbringing in their campaigns, to consider withdrawing from the race. General Clark grew up in Arkansas, and Mr. Edwards was born in South Carolina and represents North Carolina in the Senate.


Aides to Mr. Edwards said they were hopeful that by a week from today, General Clark and Dr. Dean would either be out of the race or marginalized. After that, they said, Mr. Edwards would enjoy a head-to-head contest with Mr. Kerry for the two weeks leading to Super Tuesday on March 2, when there are contests in 10 states including California and New York.

I’ve been a registered voter since 1972 and I haven’t missed a primary or general election yet. But just once I’d like to be in a state where my vote in a primary election was acutally relevant to the selection of the candidate.

Additional two cents’ worth: The AFSCME withdrawal of their endorsement of Dr. Dean was just plain tacky, as my mother would say. It used to be that when you endorsed someone, you stuck with them through thick and thin. But when Dr. Dean didn’t win any primaries, they dropped him like third-period French. I just hope that the next candidate they offer their endorsement to says, “No, thanks…I need the endorsement of people who will stick with me no matter what.”