Monday, February 2, 2004

Pat Buchanan Handicaps the Race

Pat Buchanan takes a look at the race and warns that Bush does not have it locked up. He makes a solid argument how John Kerry could take a number of key states in the east, west, and Rust Belt and come out a winner (Buchanan counts Dean out of the race).

Of course, I’ve always thought that Pat’s a little squirrely – and he continues in that vein with his concluding paragraphs:

Let it be said: Bush is beatable. He has no explanation and no cure for the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs at Depression rates, no plan to stop the outsourcing of white-collar jobs to Asia, no desire or will to stop the invasion from Mexico.

Yet, Bush remains a favorite against Kerry, because Kerry has no answers, either. Both are globalists. Both are free-traders. Both favor open borders.

It needs to be said: There is no conservative party in America.

Good thing, too. Brown shirts are out of style this year.