Thursday, February 19, 2004

Setting an Example

Via Tapped comes an article in the Chicago Tribune by Phillip Longman on why Bush’s record of service in the National Guard matters: it’s about leadership.

Ultimately, these issues boil down to the president’s willingness and ability to set the example for the military he now leads as commander in chief. Cumulatively, questions about then-Lt. Bush’s drill attendance, evaluation reports, flight status and early discharge add up to questions about the character of his service in the National Guard. Bush did receive an honorable discharge, but such a document is the lowest common denominator of military performance–it takes a lot of bad behavior to earn anything other than an honorable discharge. The American public deserves to know the full truth about the president’s military record. It’s relevant to his character, and it’s relevant to whether he’s fit to lead today’s military by example.