Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Thanks, Howard

While Howard Dean is suspending his campaign for the Democratic nomination, he plans to keep working to keeps his ideas and the base he’s energized working for the Democratic party with the goal of supporting the eventual nominee and getting George W. Bush back to Texas.

As a theatre scholar, I can offer two thoughts. The first is an appreciation of a fine piece of ironic paraphrasing that Lambert has done at corrente, turning Shakespeare’s words from Julius Caesar into an observation on the rise and fall of the Dean campaign.

The second is to borrow the last line from Robert Anderson’s Tea and Sympathy and give it to Dr. Dean:

Years from now – when you talk of this – and you will – be kind.

There is no question that the Dean campaign has done one thing that no other Democrat has done in a very long time: gotten the Democratic Party out of its self-imposed and whimpering exile and back into the fight to regain the balance and fairness in American politics that has been so sorely abused since the rise of Newt Gingrich and Religious Reich. So no matter who wins the nomination – or the election, for that matter – the campaign of Howard Dean has not been in vain.

Charley would have been proud.