Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Next Threat: Homeless Gay Recyclers Who Can Read

From the Rocky Mountain News (and a lot of fellow bloggers) comes the story that David Horowitz is launching FollowtheNetwork. org. He says the website will “be an Internet database ‘to make transparent the network of the left, including individuals, organizations, lawmakers and their funding sources,’ according to an April memo by Horowitz.” But in his sweep of lefties, he included some groups in Colorado that don’t really come to mind when you think of left-wing groups, such as The Colorado Association for Recycling, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and a Colorado Springs adult literacy program.

Marjie Griek, executive director of the Colorado Association of Recyclers, said her group represents industry and city-based recycling programs and does educational work. “I think it’s a rather sad statement for their organization that they would consider us leftist,” she said, then added with a laugh: “Who knows? We just might topple the government if we recycle too much.”

Julie Tolleson was hitting to all fields on Horowitz’s list. The Denver attorney is involved with the ACLU, the Colorado Legal Initiatives Project (a gay legal group reformed under a new name), the Colorado Stonewall Democrats (a gay Democratic group), and Equality Colorado, a gay and lesbian group now working under Equal Rights Colorado. “To quote Dan Quayle, ‘I wear their scorn as a badge of honor,’ ” Tolleson said. “Wow, I never thought I’d quote Dan Quayle.”

Pikes Peak Community College, listed on the site for its “Adult Right to Read Program,” says it doesn’t have such a program.

And John O’Connor, national director for the Gill Foundation, which makes Horowitz’s list, said his group is nonpartisan. “The issues we deal with affect everyone, not just people on the left,” O’Connor said. “If (Horowitz) thinks there are no gay people on the right who are affected by our issues, he’s in for a big surprise.”

Horowitz got the idea for the database from groups like mediatransparency.org, which is funded by the liberal People for the American Way. “The idea of this is very simple, and that is, people fly under all kinds of colors, many of them false. I’m just going to put information up about these groups,” he said.

I wonder if Lesbians for the Metric System will make the cut.