Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Try Try Again

From The Miami Herald:

Exile activist says Cubans in floating Buick are sent back to Cuba, car sunk


The ’59 Buick converted into a boat and headed to Florida Keys with 11 Cuban migrants onboard has been sunk by the U.S. Coast Guard and those onboard will be taken back to Cuba, according to an exile activist in Key West.

The U.S. Coast Guard Wednesday morning refused to comment on the fate of the car, citing a policy not to comment on an “ongoing mission.”

But Arturo Cobo, who ran the Cuban rafter house in Key West in the 1990s, said he tried to intervene on behalf of the Cubans and was told by government sources that it was too late.

”My sources tell me that like the truck seven months ago, this car has also been sunk by the Coast Guard and the people onboard will be repatriated back to the island,” said Cobo.

Sorry, guys; the Homestead Frontier Days Antique Automobile Club show was last weekend.