Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Two By Four

Via Collective Sigh, I checked out Andrew Sullivan’s reaction to Bush’s announcement of support of the constitutional amendment against gay marriage. In short, he’s shocked and saddened by the president’s action and after posting “War Is Delcared,” he posted excerpts from the “hundreds” of e-mails he’s gotten from his readers. Most were as outraged as Sullivan was by the announcement (although some were not), but there were those who wondered why it took Sullivan so long to figure out that, wow, the Republicans weren’t kidding about being homophobic. One wrote, “Seriously, when they have to hit you with the speech equivalent of a two by four to get your attention as to how they feel about you, you might want to rethink your party affiliation.” In other words, “Hey Sullivan – GET A FUCKING CLUE!

It’s not like this has been a real secret. After all, the Moral Majority was created over 25 years ago by Jerry Falwell in the wake of the Anita Bryant gay-bashing festival in Miami, capitalizing on the then-scandalous idea of guaranteeing equal employment rights to gays and lesbians. Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan both ran for president on the platform of the Religious Reich. Yet Sullivan has been a staunch Republican since he arrived in the U.S., even in light of the rising anti-gay rhetoric. He is so blindingly in love with them that he has overlooked their nastier acts in the past, letting them off with an occasional “tut-tut.” It reminds me of the stories of the rich and entrenched Jews in Berlin in 1933 who said that Hitler was a strong and steady leader; just what the country needed at a time of economic turmoil and social decadence. All this Jew-baiting by his troops was just a way to keep the masses occupied. Things would be all right once order was established. It wasn’t until it was too late that they realized that it wasn’t just a way to divert the attention of the citizenry: he really meant it.

In spite of all this gut-wrenching soul-searching, I have a feeling that by the time November comes around, Andrew will support Bush in the election. After all, he has proven to be a good and loyal minion to his masters for the last four years (and who knows, maybe he’s into the Master/Slave schtick), so it would be a major shift in the right-wing universe if he were to change his party loyalty over this issue. But that only happens is when it’s about something really important…