Sunday, March 14, 2004


I had a boss who loved to use acronyms for everything, and one of his favorites was BTYFO, which stands for ‘Bout Time You Found Out. He usually said it when someone finally figured out something that was patently obvious to everyone else; a lightbulb moment. (Perhaps I should submit BTYFO to corrente to add to the Liberal Lexicon.)

This morning, Maureen Dowd has a BTYFO moment:

Mr. Bush has been in office over three years. It’s time to start accepting some responsibility.

Republicans have a bad habit of laying down rules for other people to follow while excluding themselves. Look how they beat up Bill Clinton for messing around with a young woman, while many top Republicans were doing the very same thing.

Mr. Bush’s whingeing was infectious. The very House Republicans who greased the skids for the cheeseburger bill got in a huff over John Kerry’s overheard comment to some supporters in Chicago that his Republican critics were “the most crooked, you know, lying group” he’d ever seen.

These tough-guy Republicans, who rule the House with an iron fist, were suddenly squealing like schoolgirls at being victimized by big, bad John Kerry. J. Dennis Hastert, the House speaker, said Mr. Kerry would have his “upcomeance coming.” Tom DeLay sulked that the public was getting “a glimpse of the real John Kerry.” The Hammer was talking like a nail.

Marc Racicot, Mr. Bush’s campaign chairman, accused Mr. Kerry of “unbecoming” conduct and called on him to apologize.

Oh, the poor dears. The very Bush crowd that savaged John McCain in South Carolina, that bullied and antagonized the allies we need in the real war on terror, that is spending a hundred million dollars on ads that will turn Mr. Kerry into something akin to the Boston Strangler; these guys are suddenly such delicate flowers, such big bawling babies, that they can’t bear to hear Mr. Kerry speak of them harshly.

Mr. Bush is not believable in the victim’s role. He and Dick Cheney have audaciously imposed their will on Washington and the world.

Welcome aboard, Mo – this has been a recurring theme in the blogosphere for quite some time. Try to keep up, okay?