Monday, March 22, 2004

Clarke Aftermath

There’s a lot of good coverage of the interview with Richard Clarke on 60 Minutes last night. Check out Josh Marshall’s analysis here, along with the transcript of the interview itself and Condi Rice’s Washinton Post op-ed rebuttal here. As Josh notes, there are two very different pictures here: Clarke’s portrayal of the Bush administration as ignoring the warning signs of impending terrorism, versus Steve Hadley, the administration’s designated rebuttal witness on 60 Minutes, and Condi Rice who claim that the Administration has been fully engaged and on high alert since the day they took office. The question is who is telling the real story here, and are we going to leave it to the SCLM to find out? That seems to be problematic; the author of the New York Times piece on the Clarke interview is Judith Miller, who, according to Jack Shafer in Slate, has been a cheerleader for the Bush administration. Sounds like there’s work to be done, bloggers.