Thursday, March 25, 2004

Clarke’s Testimony

For some reason the streaming audio from WLRN kept crapping out on me yesterday – playing for a few seconds, followed by thirty seconds of buffering – so I missed Richard Clarke’s testimony before the 9/11 commission. (Ironically, I was able to get CBC Radio 2 all day without a problem.) But I heard the money clip later on and saw it on the nightly news:

I also welcome the hearings because it is finally a forum where I can apologize to the loved ones of the victims of 9/11. To them who are here in the room, to those who are watching on television, your government failed you, those entrusted with protecting you failed you and I failed you. We tried hard, but that doesn’t matter because we failed. And for that failure, I would ask — once all the facts are out — for your understanding and for your forgiveness.

I have a feeling that’s going to go down in history next to John Dean’s testimony before the Watergate committee in 1973 as the beginning of the end of a Republican administration.