Monday, March 22, 2004

Excuses, Excuses

From CNN:

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on Monday rejected accusations that the Bush administration ignored warnings about terrorism before September 11, 2001.

Like she’s going to go on CNN and say, “Yeah, he’s right – we fucked up.”

But her denials sound a little tinny. For one thing, she says that all the proposals Clarke put forth were just warmed-over Clinton Administration plans. Like that’s a bad thing? They were so allergic to anything Clinton proposed that if he had recommended invading Iraq, they wouldn’t have done it just out of spite – and Saddam would probably still be in power.

Second, she says that the plans would have taken years to implement. Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere, and if someone’s already given you the spokes, hub, and rim, re-inventing the wheel shouldn’t take that long.

Third, she claims that the plans for 9/11 were well underway when Bush took office. And your point would be? They didn’t attack until the following September. What where the Bushies doing, still trying to replace the W‘s on the computer keyboards? It’s not like the intelligence services had to start from scratch – they already had CIA, FBI, and counter-terrorism directors in place left over from the Clinton Administration.

But no. Bush and his gang were so bull-headed about cleaning out any whiff of Clinton that they refused to accept anything that came from them. As Clarke noted, it was as if the previous eight years hadn’t happened, and they’re bound and determined to erase any evidence of their existence. They’ve already done it with the economy, foreign relations, and the environment. Might as well go for the whole thing.

For further excuses and petulance, check out Kevin Drum’s entry at Political Animal. Everybody wants to get into the act.