Sunday, March 14, 2004

Florida Redux

I got a concerned e-mail from The Faithful Correspondent:

Is there a plan to rectify the Florida voting machine mess that has the [New York] Times so exercized? Ohio is undergoing the same stuff with battles between the Democrats and the Republican-run election commission – (our Katherine Harris is the execrable and very conservative Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell) – which is in charge of buying and installing the machinery. Today’s Blade has a photograph of the old machines from Lucas County lined up like coffins awaiting a call back into service in case the new ones aren’t bought, checked out and installed by November 1. Of course, the manufacturer, Diebold, is headed by a man who is a huge contributor to Bush’s election campaign. Who wouldn’t be suspicious? Quel merde !!

The short answer is that Florida is no more ready to run an election with a paper trail than any other place using the Diebold touch-screen system. Ironically, in the Bush v. Gore ruling in 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that there must be consistent recount capability across the state. Now we have none. Well, I guess that’s consistent…