Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday Blogaround

It’s Friday, so it’s time to tell you about what else I’ve been looking at in the blogosphere:

  • The gang at corrente has been busy pointing up the realities behind the “crooks” claim made by John Kerry. Start here and scroll down.
  • TLC’s new addition bloggg goes after the original bow-tied uptight pundit, George F. Will (Tucker, you’re just a cheap knock-off).
  • Musing’s musings wonders why right-wingers are so obsessed with sex.
  • Must-Read-Daily Pen-Elayne has a posting on Bush doing something so ridiculous that you have to read it for yourself to believe it.
  • Welcome home, Steve Gilliard. Glad to have you back. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jen’s family, too.
  • Echidne of the Snakes has a rant in support of John Kerry.
  • Happy Furry Puppy predicts the future of the Bush ad campaign.
  • NTodd starts a no-spring poetry slam.
  • Folkbum reports on Wisconsin’s gay-marriage ban and sums it up succinctly: It Is Wrong.
  • Goldberg and Guthrie have a few choice words (okay, just one in particular) for the House and the new fines for broadcasters of “indecency.” (Depending on how you define “indecency,” C-SPAN would be fined every day when it broadcasts the House in session.)
  • South Knox Bubba has the Hollywood Insider on Mel Gibson’s next epic.
  • Stoner Cellars (welcome to the blogroll, by the way) chips in his two cents on the new nickels.
  • Pharyngula notes that Alabama is allowing the teaching of “intelligent design” in high school. How stupid is that?
  • Thanks for the plug, Wanda!
  • This is just a small sample of the good stuff out there. Stop by all these sites and please let ’em know you did! See you at lunchtime.