Saturday, March 20, 2004

Friday Night Follies

As promised, here’s a look around what my colleagues, cohorts, and fellow unindicted co-conspirators have been writing about that caught my attention. A lot of them have been writing about some really good issues and using their blogs for advocacy – one of the things blogs do best.

  • Steve at The Yellow Doggerel Democrat has been writing a series on the seige of the Sierra Club. Read up and take note.
  • edwardpig is on the trail of the elusive accountable voting machines.
  • Trish is reminding us about Marcus Wesson and reminding us that killing nine of your own children isn’t something to be forgotten so quickly.
  • And Then…there’s the story of a teacher held hostage by No Child Left Behind and one anonymous city’s way of dealing with it.
  • Pen-Elayne continues her postings on Women’s History Month by addressing health and addiction. Great work, Elayne, and you may save a life.
  • Houston at Dancing with Myself on the Scalia-Cheney recusal issue.
  • Goldberg and Guthrie on the Illinois Senate race. Sounds like the Republicans have got themselves a very interesting – if not kinky – candidate. Well, if Arnold was good enough…
  • South of the Suwanee – a blog by a fellow Floridian – takes note of why some Cubans in Miami take the issue of US/Cuban relations so personally: it’s all in the family, including the congressman from my district. That would explain a lot.
  • Liz at Life as a Spectator Sport harks back to her days as a newspaper columnist to welcome a new blog, PressThink, by Jay Rosen.
  • This barely scratches the surface. Don’t forget to check out the correnteWire for a quick and easy look at the insight and wisdom of The Liberal Coalition. Enjoy them all and keep in touch.