Saturday, March 13, 2004

Just A Suggestion

As regular readers know, I’m a big fan of, and have been for a very long time. It provides some of the best writing on the web and it has a pretty eclectic blend of articles from politics to theatre and just about everything else, including advice on sex. And in this election year, they’ve added a feature called War Room ’04 which provides daily updates from the campaign trail. (I’ve added the War Room ’04 as a link in the blogroll, by the way.) However, is a subscription site, and I pay $39 a year to read it without seeing ads or having to get their Day Pass. That usually stops the casual reader from following the link any further, and so I’ve often provided a snipped version of the article to comment on as well as the permalink to the article itself just in case.

First, this is NOT an appeal to the BBWW readership to help with my subscription fee. I’m a big boy and I can pay for it myself (unless, of course, you want to help, well, the tip jar’s over on the sidebar under Shameless Begging; I’ll not say no). My suggestion is that you, Dear Reader, go to and sign up for a subscription yourself. You’ll be glad you did. is the only on-line subscription I have. A lot of people I know pay for more than that; for example, my Faithful Correspondent pays to read the Wall Street Journal on-line to the tune of, well, a lot of money. That’s more than I would cough up to read the modern version of Der Volkischer Beobachter, but hey, whatever works. So if you enjoy it and like reading the bits that I’ve posted, think about it. It’s cheaper than a year’s subscription to a lot of snail-mail magazines, and it doesn’t drop those little subscription postcards on the floor when you carry it in from the mailbox.