Monday, March 1, 2004

Man To Man

Via Tapped comes a link to an article in Ryan Lizza’s ’04 Campaign Journal. Since the RNC oppo team is going into overdrive to look up what John Kerry was up to back in his twenties, doesn’t that make Bush’s early years fair game? For example, when Kerry was running for Congress, Bush was running over trash cans.

Kerry in 1970: In His First Campaign For Congress, Kerry Wanted To Defund CIA. In 1970, Kerry told The Harvard Crimson he wanted “to almost eliminate CIA activity.” (Samuel Z. Goldhaber, “John Kerry: A Navy Dove Runs For Congress,” The Harvard Crimson, 2/18/70)

Bush in 1972: After Smashing Into Trash Cans, Bush Wanted To Fight Future Head of CIA. “In a now famous incident, [Bush] took his then-16-year-old brother, Marvin, out drinking and ran over a neighbor’s garbage cans on the way home; and when confronted by his father, he challenged him to go ‘mano a mano’outside.” (Lois Romano and Mike Allen, “Guard Records on President are Released,” The Washington Post, 2/11/04)

Bring it on.