Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Movin’ On Up

It’s official. This morning I turned in my Notice To Terminate my lease on my apartment effective April 30. I have found a great little house in Coral Gables (“The City Beautiful”), and I’ve been spending the last three days or so schlepping boxes, kitchen stuff, clothes, and all sorts of tchotchkies to the new place. The schlepping will continue for the rest of the week until I have everything out of here except the big pieces of furniture (the piano, the desk in the office, etc) for the which I will hire a moving company to come and and do their thing.

The house is a 2 BR/1BTH with about 1,200 sq. ft., including a garage for the Pontiac and a Florida room. (For those of you who don’t know, a Florida room used to mean a screened-in back room accessible through sliding patio doors that serves as a family room – in some houses it’s big enough to have a pool in it.) This Florida room is not screened in; it’s more like a part of the house with big windows and will serve as my living room. The front room will be the more “formal” room with the piano and such. The bedrooms are about the same size as in my present digs, and the smaller one will serve as my office. I won’t have a guest room; if I have company that want to stay with me, I’ll tell them my guest room is down the street at the Biltmore Hotel.

I’ll be five miles from my office as opposed to twenty, saving me about 200 miles of driving a week, plus saving $2.25 every day in turnpike tolls. My renters insurance will drop about 25%, as will the car insurance. I won’t be awakened by drunken revelers, screeching car alarms outside my window at three a.m., loud music, and overly-affectionate upstairs neighbors. Oh, did I mention that the rent is the same as what I’m paying here? It is.

So yes, my Spring Cleaning has taken on a more dutiful purpose, and for once, I’m really happy about doing it.