Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Moving Update Part II

Got a quote from a moving company to handle the big furniture, the piano, and the washer and dryer. Very reasonable, and they can do it in a day. Yip-yah.

I made two trips to the house with miscellaneous stuff (i.e. remainder of the kitchen equipment, Sam’s old bed and toys – I can’t throw them out) and two small bookshelves’ worth of books – and the shelves. I have revised my earlier estimate of the number of books I own upwards by a factor of ten – probably closer to 2,000. What was I thinking? The scripts and theatre texts alone number in the hundreds. Must have been the Diet Pepsi talking.

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off from schlepping to go to the office to take care of needed end-of-month / beginning-of-month stuff and give my back a chance to rest. Yes, I’ve been lifting with my legs – I did learn something from twenty-five years of weightlifting – but I could use the break. That will give me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get the books and small pieces of furniture over there, and the majority of the move will be done. I still have four weeks until my lease is up. Don’t hate me because I’m organized…