Friday, March 26, 2004

Now’s The Time

My friend Brian writes:

I used my lunch hour to cruise through some online papers, and more then a few are mentioning “outrage” in response to Bush’s WMD jokes, not only by survivors of soldiers killed, but also by active duty military personnel. My question now is…where are the Democrats on this one? They should be swatting his butt with the same vigor the administration is showing in trying to discredit Clarke.

Here’s my problem. In the closing days of the Martha Stewart trial, there was much debate amongst talking heads about the defense position that “Look…these are smart people. Do you really think they’d be so stupid as to risk so much by engaging in illegal activity, especially when the returns were so small?” And I’d sit there screaming at the screen that it wasn’t a matter of brains…it was arrogance, per and simple. It was Leona Hemsley syndrome…”I can do this because of who I am, and screw the rest of the peons.”

To me this is indicative of an attitude that “There’s us, and then there’s those who do our bidding…like the military. They can die, and we can joke about it because we’re SO above it all.” And when you consider that the percentage of the administration that actually served in the military hovers around zero, it’s even more degrading. Considering the tenor of the race so far, I’d think it would be more then fair for the Democrats to use some of that video in their ads…and start running ’em tomorrow, preferably by buying time during the network news when there’s almost bound to be a piece about the latest loss of life due to a roadside bomb or mortar attack.

I keep telling Brian to start his own blog – he’d be a great addition – but until he does, I’ll be happy to post for him.