Tuesday, March 30, 2004

President Flintstone?

Well, now that the White House has agreed to allow Condoleezza Rice testify under oath and in public before the 9/11 commission, we are going to hear from the left that Bush caved (hence the Cro-Magnin cognomen in the title).

Don’t bet on it. These people do not work that way. They have spent the last week trying to figure out a way to get her to testify under oath and in public while at the same time maximizing their cover so that they will come off looking like they really do care about getting the truth out there. All the while their goal has been to find the political advantage so that they can look like they’re doing the best thing for the country. We saw the same routine with the Department of Homeland Security; the Democrats demanded it, Bush said no until he realized that he was screwing himself (ouch, the imagery) out of a political advantage, and suddenly, hey presto! The Department of Homeland Security suddenly appears like toadstools on a spring lawn, Bush takes all the credit for it and runs with it against the Democrats in the 2002 mid-term elections.

So you can expect to see the media whores saying something along the lines of Dr. Rice deciding, for the good of the country, to testify; the only thing that held it up was partisan sniping from the Democrats who were planning to sabotage the commission and the election with her refusal and making impossible demands for her submission to them.

Trust me, I’m right on this.