Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Some of my Best Friends…

Elisabeth Bumiller suggests that George W. Bush was uncomfortable in going out in public and endorsing the FMA:

When President Bush announced his support last week for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, his body language in the Roosevelt Room did not seem to match his words. Mr. Bush may have forcefully defended the union of a man and a woman as “the most fundamental institution of civilization,” but even some White House officials said he appeared uncomfortable. When Mr. Bush finished his five-minute statement — with reporters arranged before him in White House-assigned seats, waiting for the news conference that appeared to be coming — he abruptly turned on his heel and strode from the room, ignoring all questions. “Is he coming back?” a television reporter called out. He was not.

She goes on to say that Bush was under tremendous pressure from his evangelical Christian supporters and he needed to shore up his base…but he’s not really a gay basher. When Mrs. Bush was asked if they have any gay friends, she chirped, “Sure, of course. Everyone does.” Well, isn’t that special.

What this little snippet shows is that Bush isn’t necessarily an intolerant person – after all, he has appointed openly gay officials to his administration and he greeted a transgendered Yale alum to his class reunion with grace. He’s just the Religious Reich’s bitch.