Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Sound Familiar?

Norbizness found this and I had to go read the real thing just to be sure it wasn’t from The Onion. It’s not.

Vice President Dick Cheney said on Tuesday Jean-Bertrand Aristide had “worn out his welcome” as Haiti’s president but that the United States did not force him to leave as he claims.

“He made the choice to leave. He resigned the office of his own free will and left on a civilian aircraft which we chartered for him. He left with his security detail. This was his decision to go,” Cheney told the Fox News Channel.


“The fact of the matter was, that Mr. Aristide had worn out his welcome. He was democratically elected but he didn’t govern in a democratic manner and had reached the point where clearly the opposition groups, rebels, were increasingly successful at undermining his authority,” Cheney said. [Reuters]

Hey, if it worked there…