Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Worse Than Watergate

John Dean, who blew the whistle on Nixon in 1973, has a new book coming out on Bush and Cheney. He’s interviewed in by David Talbot. Here’s one interesting quote:

Bush and Cheney have exploited terrorism ever since 9/11. Now they are exploiting it to get reelected. Should there be an even more serious threat, they have found that when Americans are frightened they can be governed like sheep, which suits Bush and Cheney perfectly. Rather than taking the terror out of terrorism by educating and informing Americans, they have sought to make terrorism as frightening as possible — using terrorism to launch a war of aggression that is breeding a new generation of terrorists and getting the Congress to pass the most repressive new laws imaginable and calling it an act of patriotism.

While Mr. Dean has occasionally been the victim of his own hyperbole (remember a year ago when he was sure he had unmasked Deep Throat, only to come up with nothing?), I tend to take him at his word on his observations on the abuses of power by people in the White House; after all, he knows about it first hand.