Saturday, April 10, 2004

Behind Every Act of Oppression…

From the Sun-Sentinel:

A Coral Gables lawyer who describes himself as “an all-purpose crusader” against adult entertainment affecting children said Friday it was his complaint to the Federal Communications Commission that led the agency to fine Clear Channel Communications Inc. almost a half million dollars for airing indecent material from a Howard Stern radio program.

“It’s not personal as related to Stern,” said John B. Thompson, who sent a letter to the FCC on April 24, 2003, complaining about the content of a Stern program carried by WBGG (FM 105.9) in Fort Lauderdale earlier that same month and five other Clear Channel stations. “He’s just part of a larger problem.”


Thompson, 52, who said he has campaigned against what he considers indecent radio and TV programming and violent video games for children since the late 1980s, maintains he is not trying to prohibit entertainment for adults or impose his own view on what children can watch.

Oh, really? Sure sounds like it to me. But behind every act of oppression there’s always someone (with a lawyer in tow) who claims they’re doing it for the Greater Good.

Bullshit. If anything, they’re doing more damage to our society by sticking their bluenoses into the listening habits of the public than by any of the childish antics of Howard Stern. That’s the real obscenity.