Thursday, April 29, 2004

Fact Checker

Via’s War Room:

You can now search a database of conservative distortions courtesy of the Center for American Progress. And the folks there are asking for help in making the database as robust as we know it can be, bursting at the seams with right-wing claims that are just plain wrong.

From the CAP: “Conservatives have spent the last 20 years distorting reality and getting away with it. That is about to change. The Center for American Progress has launched this new database project to chart the dishonesty and lies of conservatives — and compare them with the truth. In this database, each conservative quote will be matched against well-documented facts. And we need your help. If we’re missing a lie or distortion you know of, please submit an entry. If it checks out, we will gladly add it to the database.”

Check it out yourself here, and don’t be shy about contributing to it.