Saturday, April 17, 2004

Friday Blogaround

First, let me officially welcome some new members to the blogroll:

  • Basket Full of Puppies which takes off-the-wall humor and amusement to new heights
  • Billmon / Whiskey Bar, who needs no introduction to many bloggers, but stop by for a shot and a pretzel. [Update: Billmon is taking a hiatus. But he still has good links and good archived material.]
  • BlogWood: Norwood’s Fair and Balanced Nattering chimes in from the West Coast – of Florida, that is. We’re growing a good crop of bloggers down here this year.
  • Stella’s Cup comes into her own as a new blogger and highly recommended by one of our TLC stalwart contributors, Steve Bates of The Yellow Doggerel Democrat. I think Steve’s opinion might be slightly biased, so find out for yourself.
  • The Meat of the Matter got my attention by posting a two-word comment on my posting about Tax Day. I’ll show him, I thought, and immediately blogrolled him. See what happens when you mess with me?
  • I’ve also added The Nation to the Newspapers and Magazines roll at the urging of My Faithful Correspondent. This magazine has been a font of progressive thought since the Civil War.
  • As for what else has caught my attention:

  • Did Dick Cheney spend time in a hospital last week? Corrente seems to think so.
  • Hey, if you’re going to be in the NYC area on April 24th and want to help a friend, Pen-Elayne will feed you pizza if you help her pack in preparation for her move. I can’t come – I’m going to be in Kansas (no, not seeing Auntie Em…)
  • Rook’s Rant begins the 200 day countdown…
  • Chris has thoughts on how the election is shaping up as a referendum.
  • Keith is making movie plans for a little more than a year from now.
  • edwardpig has a good Google bomb going.
  • Wanda worries about our Flounder in Chief.
  • Upyernoz is joining Ms. Noz at a conference in the City By the Bay. What fun!
  • SoonerThought links to Right Wing Eye, brought to you by Planned Parenthood and their March on Washington next week. Coincidentally, my parental units will be participating in that march, along with several other representatives of Planned Parenthood of Northwest Ohio. Go get ’em!
  • archy tells us about another assault on education, this time in Montana in the form of mythology being taught as science.
  • The Fulcrum has a picture that breaks my heart.
  • And NTodd has a picture that reminds me that new hope and life can and will always be a part of this world, no matter how maddeningly tragic some moments are. If only…
  • There’s a lot more to read and wonder about. Check out the live feed at correnteWire for the latest from The Liberal Coalition, and please stop by as many of them as you can. It does a heart and mind good.