Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Maintenance and Additions

Please welcome some new additions to my ever-increasing blogroll;

  • Coprolalia, which is refreshingly bright and succinct. And if you don’t know what “coprolalia” means, look it up.
  • Naked Furniture has been a blog I’ve seen in other blogrolls and I’m happy to find it as funny and clever as any blog out there. Gives me great hope that blogging is the outlet for humor and good writing that it promises to be.
  • The O’Franken Factor is the blog from the same-named radio program on Air America. Since the show isn’t broadcast in South Florida, this is my way of supporting it and keeping up with it.
  • The Politburo Diktat is another clever site that NTodd told me about. The Commissar may be slightly to the right – okay, more than slightly – but a good sense of humor and good writing counts for a great deal in my blog-choices.
  • I’ve also added a feature called Calling Cards which lists visitors and references to Bark Bark Woof Woof. It’s a nice way to see who’s stopping by and return the visit.