Friday, April 30, 2004

Moving Day

6:15 a.m. This is my first post from the house. BellSouth was really quick to shut off my old number; I tried to dial out from the apartment and got a dead line. But one of the new numbers is working at the house (obviously), so here I am, typing on end table, sitting on the coffee table, letting you know that at least part of the transition has taken place. The second phone line at the house isn’t working yet, but I’ll get on BellSouth’s case when the sun comes up.

Drat! Blogger is behaving badly and refusing to publish. Well, I will thus turn this into a day-long narrative and it is to be hoped that by the time I get the furniture in and in place Blogger will be back to its usual state.

1:41 p.m. I went back to the apartment and called BellSouth on my cell. They were very nice and said they’d get the second line straightened out. I was internally skeptical, but I give them the benefit of the doubt. Joe’s Moving and Storage was supposed to show up between 9 and 10; they hit the door at 8:43. Three very friendly guys who had the furniture padded, the desk disassembled and wrapped, and the piano loaded in an hour and a half. All I did was stand around and vacuum after them. I stopped by the leasing office and said I’d turn in my keys tomorrow. The guys from Joe’s tailed me over to the house, and by 12:30 everything was in, the bed, desk and piano reassembled, and the credit card slip signed. What a difference between this and my nightmare with Bekins when I moved from Albuquerque in 2001!

Either BellSouth did their thing remotely they came out and missed them, but both lines are working now. The nice thing about being in this part of town is that dial-up connects at 52.0 kbps versus the 24.0 I had at the apartment. Yeah, yeah, I know it ain’t DSL or cable. But I’m a stubborn cuss, and if I can get this thing to move twice as fast as it did at the old place for the same price, that’s fine with me.

Comcast showed up an hour early (Holy Ned, with the luck I’m having today, I should buy a lottery ticket) and is reconnecting the cable. The previous tenant had a dish. I am wondering if Comcast will charge me extra for the work even though they told me that they had service at this address.

Anyway, so far so good. And by the way, rule number one on moving into a new place: first thing you do is make the bed. That way when you’re ready to crash after all this work, it’s all done.

This will probably be it for the blogging today. In lieu of the Blogaround, scroll down the blogrolls and drop in on my friends at The Liberal Coalition, and visit some of my new additions, including Blah 3, masstone effect, Peevish and Unpopular Ideas. I may stick an update in here after I get back from dinner, but for now…where did I put the screwdriver?