Thursday, April 29, 2004

Moving Days

Pen-Elayne is in the throes of moving. And so am I, yet I’ve been blessed with being able to do it in slow motion, as it were. My landlord has generously allowed me to move things in since the end of March, and so every day for the past month I’ve taken things over in small doses on the way to the office. This morning I took over the last of my clothes and financial records, along with groceries and laundry supplies. Tonight I’ll swap the Mustang for the Pontiac wagon so I can pick up the floor lamps, the small TV and VCR, and the Last Box and take them over first thing in the morning. Tomorrow morning the folks from Joe’s Moving and Storage are scheduled to show up to take the large pieces of furniture (living room chairs, couch, dining table and chairs, office desk and bookcases, my grandmother’s 1928 Mason & Hamlin baby grand piano, and bedroom furniture). Comcast says they will be at the house between 2 and 5 tomorrow to hook me up; it took three phone calls and some rather terse conversation to convince them that I do not want digital cable with 300 channels of music just so I can get one channel of HBO. I understand the concept of “upselling,” but sheesh! And if they show up on time…well, yeah, that’ll happen…

BellSouth will be switching the phones tomorrow, so I’m not sure when I’ll be on-line from the house. The blogging outlook for Friday will be light if at all. I’ll try to get in the Friday Blogaround before the line goes dead or I might to it tonight, so get your entries in and up to date so I can include them.

After nearly three years living in an apartment twenty miles from my office, I’m really looking forward to being in a house in a nice (and quiet) neighborhood six miles from downtown. No more hour-long commutes home. No more car alarms in the parking lot at three a.m. No more overly-amorous upstairs neighbors. It’s like I’ll finally get the chance to enjoy living here.