Thursday, April 29, 2004

Oh, Grow Up

From the Sun-Sentinel:

TALLAHASSEE — One of Palm Beach County’s top legislative priorities, $1.2 million to help clean up the Lake Worth Lagoon, was dropped from the final version of the state budget, apparently because House Speaker Johnnie Byrd was displeased with state Rep. Carl Domino, R-Jupiter.

Domino says it’s because he voted against Byrd’s position on an unrelated issue.

Domino confirmed Wednesday what others were talking about privately. He said a member of Byrd’s leadership team told him that the Lake Worth Lagoon money, which was in an earlier version of the state budget, was removed because of his vote on a telecommunications measure that was a Byrd priority.

Domino termed it retaliation.

“I was told that was so by someone more senior than I,” he said, declining to name the leader. “Obviously I feel that it was unfortunate and I wish it didn’t happen.”

Tom Denham, Byrd’s press secretary, said deletion of the money was simply a matter of financial priorities.

He said $640 million in projects fit the criteria for a $100 million pot of money. “It didn’t have anything to do with his [Domino’s] telecom vote.”

Denham stopped short of saying that the people who believe Byrd was retaliating were wrong. “I wouldn’t say that they’re wrong. They can apply whatever motives they want to apply to it, but the truth of it is, there were $540 million in projects that weren’t funded. That happened to be one of them.”

What an amazing bunch of infantile and petty nimrods. No wonder nothing ever gets done. I think they should all be sent to bed without dessert.