Monday, April 19, 2004

Shameless Irony

Ted Olson is concerned about the 9/11 commission getting bogged down in partisan politics. And while 9/11 is a personal tragedy for him (his wife Barbara was on the plane that hit the Pentagon), hearing Mr. Olson, a leader of Richard Melon Scaife’s Arkansas Project that went after the Clintons like banshees, get upset about partisanship is a little too ripe for sale.

Not to be outdone, Tom DeLay is also complaining that the 9/11 commission is succumbing to partisan politics. “Partisan mudslinging, circus-atmosphere pyrotechnics, and gotcha-style questioning do not get us closer to the truth,” he wrote to commission chairman Thomas Kean.

Funny, I never heard Mr. DeLay complain about partisanhip during the mudslinging and circus-like atmosphere pyrotechnics during Clinton’s impeachment. IOKIYAR.